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Business English


The use of good 'Business English' is becoming more and more important for many Executives across Europe, especially for companies looking to broaden their target markets outside of their country of origin and across language borders.
We offer a range of 'Business English' training solutions to suit every organisation and its’ employees, from CEO’s to engineers, with the aim of developing their communication skills. We use innovative, tailor-made methods, which are totally interactive, fun and have a proven track record.

We work in many countries across Europe, predominantly Austria, Germany, Spain and the CEE region, helping top Executives and their teams develop an 'edge' to their business dealings, where English is not their 1st language.

 Professional Skills Training


Having worked in sales, management and training, I have put my experience to use by creating a comprehensive range of 1 and 2 day professional skills courses covering all aspects of business life.
The courses available range from Sales & Negotiation, Recruitment & Retention and Presentation Skills through to Leadership and Management Development training. Courses are also written specifically to the needs of the individual or organisation.


Educational Training


School education is so important and the need for native speakers in Kindergarten, primary and secondary education is becoming more important. We work in schools across all age groups getting the children talking and enjoying the English language. They are our future business leaders and the English language is at the forefront of International Business.


Translation & Proof Reading Services


Business documents, marketing material and even your website are some of the essential tools needed for business development. First impressions count, so a professional organisation needs professional material. Using a native speaker ensures that you put the right message across.


NEW - Industry Specific workshops


Starting in October 2016, we will be running a range of select, industry specific workshops, looking at the business sector, the export market, tips for developing your business globally plus much more. These will include a business dinner to discuss best practices with your peers, with each workshop restricted to just 8-10 participants, therefore giving maximum ROI.


For more information on all the courses and training available, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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